This is an exciting web app that is changing how you book travel. By connecting to a users GMail account, BidAngel gathers data about hotel bookings from Priceline’s “Name Your Own Price” tool. The problem they solve is that when booking through Priceline, it’s a complete guessing game as to what hotel you’ll actually get. Leveraging user data and by cross matching specific booking details, BidAngel is able to help you determine not only what hotels are available in your search area, but which hotel you are most likely to get through the “Name Your Own Price” tool. This allows users to lock in the best possible price, with the highest chance of getting the specific hotel they want to stay at.

The BidAngel team came to me only with an idea, so I had complete creative freedom to build out the product both from a functional, user experience, and user interface standpoint. I also brought in my pal, Damian Kidd to assist with the branding of the product.